Knee Products

We produce bio-absorbable, peek & titanium screws.

Different sizes of Loopfix System are avaible.

Liftfix and Ext-Liftfix products have different sizes which you need.

Titanium and PEEK products are available in different sizes.

Cancellous Screws, Spiked Washer, Jumbo Buttons, Staples etc. are avaible in different sizes for ACL-PCL operations.

Radio frequency monopolar ablation wands in different angles.

Fiber suture made of UHMWPE for multiple purposes.

ACL&PCL instruments


Shoulder Products

Peek, Titanium and PLDLA anchor systems

Double button system for Acromioclavicular Joint

Three button system for Acromioclavicular Joint

Arthroscopic cannullas and obturators

Variety models of needles for suture passers

Radio frequency monopolar ablation wands in different angles.

Fiber suture made of UHMWPE for multiple purposes.

Shoulder punches, hooks, suture passer and more.

Wrist & Ankle

Suture, PEEK and Titanium Anchor Systems.

Trauma pins for microfractures which are made of PLDLA

Subtalar implants for flat foot

Fiber suture made of UHMWPE for multiple purposes.

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Who We Are

TULPAR, founded in 2015, is a orthopedic-focused medical device company. Headquarter of our company located in Ankara; It has been established with the aim of presenting quality products in Turkey and global market with founders’ 20 years of sector experience. Tulpar is actively working in the Turkish market with a focus on sports surgery; Apart from these, Tulpar is also involved in trauma and arthroplasty surgery. It is aiming to present the products in the global market and Turkey with the newly developed products by making the improvements of the products in the sector with the past experiences. Our company, which is a human-focused company that researches to raise the quality of life standards, has a history of products that focus on the products after these studies, and aims to eliminate patient problems. It is focused on providing services parallel to the surgeons’ demands, problems and solutions.

TULPAR Medical Solutions is aiming to be Turkey’s leading orthopedic and arthroscopy products manufacturer and brand; Since 2015, it has been serving in the health sector and with its experienced staff serving more than 20 years. Our company which develops its product range by following innovations in the health sector aims to be innovative and leader in the medical device sector by applying CE mark certificate and these standards under the Quality Management System, Medical Device Directive (93/42 / EEC) according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. And to ensure its continuity; -Improving product quality by ensuring effective implementation of the quality system at all stages of production, -To expand our product range by closely monitoring the technology, -To understand our customers’ requests completely and correctly and to take remedial actions, – Increasing customer satisfaction without compromising customer satisfaction and continuously measuring to the highest possible level, To comply with the regulation of Medical Devices, – Establishing quality service consciousness with the participation of TİM Management and employees, establishing training programs and ensuring participation of employees in quality improvement activities and creating a common corporate culture, – Always protect a disciplined work environment, – To increase the market share and competitive power of our company by constantly improving the quality. In accordance with this purpose; The total attendance, training and full support of our working staff is the essence.